Review: Sandi Toksvig Live – Politically Incorrect, Wednesday 9th March 2016

Sandi and friends lined up at The Lowry to talk comedy and politics   Humour is a wonderful thing ain’t it? It engages, it divides and has the power to unite us humanoid creatures together. But humour and politics is an interesting one. You might think that using humour to entice people to join a […]

Revisiting Queer As Folk

I’ve wittered loads about how Queer As Folk sparked my desire to move Manchester, the land of the gays. But to be truthful, I hadn’t actually watched it again since it’s initial transmission 16 years ago(!). So when my girlfriend suggested we re-watch both series, I thought yes indeed, it’s time. To warn you now, […]

Oh lesbians, wherefore art thou?!

You might not be aware of this bombshell but I am a lesbian. I know, shocker right? It’s not like I’ve mentioned it much in my blog ‘Lesbian Outings’… One of the motivations to burden you with my random brain musings is that there ain’t a massive amount out there, specifically UK-centred that I related […]

Coming out and the ‘mini-out’ phenomenon

When you’re finally ready to make the massive leap to come out, it’s often thought that once you step out the closet, that’s it, you’re out… Yo world! I’m a big gay lezza! Alas, chance would be a fine thing. Of course coming out to the most important people in your life is the hardest […]

A brief introduction to the crazy world of lesbian dating.

Manchester is one of the gayest cities in the world yo. We even have a whole ‘village’ dedicated to the rainbow goodness. A village! Well, it’s not a real village but it is a couple of streets dedicated to the gays, bis, trans, queers and everyone else. Wonderful. So anyway, as a lesbian with a thriving […]

Lesbians, Manchester and making a splash.

I have a confession to make. Right, okay, here goes… I was born and raised a southerner. Phew. That was almost as hard as coming out. Well not quite. But I know, I know, I’m technically one of ‘them’. Having lived in Manchester for 10 years (bar a 2 year jaunt to South East Asia […]